Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ramping up for new GOALS!

Alright, alright, yeah it's been awhile!  I am back on the wagon again and ready to get things moving along for me (and any of you that wanna journey along).  I am using caloriecountabout.com as a food and exercise journal and I LOVE IT!  If you decide to use this free resource and want to "friend" me, my username is sjhouse.  I have several patients using this site and they can communicate with me via that sites messaging system.

3 goals...in no particular order for me

1.  20 pounds off by May 1
2.  training and posting a respectable time for the flying pig half marathon
3.  participating in TOSRV 2 day bike ride

There is a  group of beautiful young ladies that are working on this training with me (for the PIG).  It's a 26 week training program - trust me that's a LONG time!  We are just starting the program...timing wise in week 5.  I have training schedule available to anyone that wants to participate OR you can pick up the book I got the program from (ideal for first timers)....It's called "THE COMPLETE 26-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM   MARATHON and HALF MARATHON...THE BEGINNERS GUIDE"  By...Marnie Caron and the Sport medicine council of British Columbia.  It's progressive walk run program...prgresses very slowly to prevent injury and burnout.  I plan to run every Tuesday (Natalie is in Dance from 645-815) and Thurs...and long run on Sat or Sunday.  My die hard running partner, Shawna and I are getting geared up for outside winter running.

Also....as if this wasn't enough.  Our bike club is doing indoor cycling rides on Tues and Thurs and Saturday mornings on inside trainers.  I will be doing my "off" running days on by bike trainaer at my house. 

Weight this AM....not too good, but I am coming off Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I have said over and over, this website is NOT for excuse making.  185 this AM.  160-165 goal for May 1.  Anyone else want to share goals?  need motivation?  need help? 

I can allow up to 400 people co author this blog site.  If you would like to be an "active contributer"  let me know...I will put you on as a co author.

Write again soon!