Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ins and Outs

9/29/09  183.4 weight

protein drink                                                                         230      28
protein drink                                                                         210      28
veg soup                                                                               150        9
3 oz chicken                                                                          170      20
4 triscuts                                                                                 50         1
SF frozen yougurt                                                                  250
peas/carrots (i was bored...needed SOMETHING)                70          5

 1130 cal     91 g protein

After work went out for soup with Maggie at the "Hometown Grill".  Had excellent chicken veg soup followed by a brisk 1 mile walk at the Y with Maggie.  She needs to log 25 miles of walk/running in before the Indianpolis run to qualify for the kids marathon and get a medal.  She stayed in the babysitting room while I did 60 min of cardio in class with Shawna (AMY No Showed....gotta kick her butt!)  The girl that teaches that class was on a legs and abs kick tonight as my legs feel like jello.  After class, did another mile with Maggie and Shawna on the track.  Maggie did terrific....ran abour 1/3 of the entire 2 miles and never complained.  What a trooper!  I rewarded her with SF yogurt at a self serve yogurt joint in town.  It was terrific seeing how excited she was.

9/30/09   weight 181.4 (almost clearing the 80's for the LAST time!)

6 grapes                                                              30
protein drink                                                       230      28
protein drink                                                       210      28
greek yogurt                                                         90      14
salad with moz and marinara w meat                    200      10
6 grapes                                                                30
1/4 c trail mix                                                      130      4
bread stick (small)                                                 50        1

970 (think i calculated low - may need to add apple if get hungry tonight)  cal     81 g protein

Feel pretty darn good today!  Slept like a baby last night and that's been awhile since I could say that.  Feels good to be at the point to be able to run a distance without sounding like I will need CPR to bring me back to the land of the living.  I am starting to get more than interested about this 1/2 marathon in Indianaopolis in 3 weeks.  Tonight, gonna take a night off of exercise and cuddle with the kids.  Shawna and I are going to attempt to run from my house to hers (or vice versa) this weekend, it will be 9 mile venture.  That will be quite an esteem booster for both of us.  Heck, we are doing so well right now that our instructor last night "barely" got me to break a sweat!  I hope she doesn't find this blog or I am sure the class will have to pay!!

I want my freinds to be able to post on this blog too.  I have to do some investigating as to how to go about this.  It is my desire to have more than my input here.  I know that I can add other "authors" to post...but remarks should be postable too.  Hopefully instructions will follow soon!

Connie....I did get your food diary from yesterday in my facebook account.  I will be interested in what you think after logging for a week or two!  Keep it up sistah....Keep it up!  We are in it together!

More tomorrow....will see if I make it through the night with nothing other than the beautiful honeycrips apples I have sitting on my counter.


Stephanie said...

does this post a comment?

Anonymous said...

I think you are awesome! This is really inspiring and I'm wondering how many other people you might allow to see it. I have 2 friends who could benefit from it, for certain. Let me know. Keep it up, girl! Thanks for including me in this adventure...


Connie said...

OK, I think I've figured out how to post to this....

Wed, Sep 30 2009 Grade Grams Cals
Coffee - Black 270 5
Crackers Club 7 30
Apples A 125 65
Chicken Breast - Fat-free, Mesquite Flavor, Sliced B- 42 34
Chicken Breast - Fat-free, Mesquite Flavor, Sliced B- 42 34
Grilled Chicken and Vegetable With Harvest Wheat Crust - Frozen Pizza B+ 100 172
AdvantEdge Carb Control Ready-to-Drink A 100 100
creamer 20
salad 100
Soup, stock, chicken, home-prepared B- 240 86
Soup, stock, chicken, home-prepared B- 480 173
Light Mayonnaise 15 45
diet muffin 75
lean cusine meatloaf (only-no potato) 170
cheese it's crackers 100
Total Calories Consumed 1,209

Well, not sure how this will post and the spacing....this will be a test!

I also went to spinning class est 450 calories burnt and 10 minutes weight lifting another 50 cal.

Connie said...

OK, the spacing is messed up...sorry. I'll improve as I go

My weight when I started was 230 on Monday, then 228 Tues and today Wed 9/30 it was 331! UGH...but I think I was holding water...had soup and diet sodas yesterday....lots of sodium. The nice thing about the is it calculates that for you and gives you a grade for the day. Kinda interesting......

Connie said...

AdvantEdge Carb Control 100

saladw/cheese 125
Ranch Dressing 148
Whole Wheat bread 1 slice 41
Beef, Ground patty 145

Fried Zucchini 370
Wing Skin/Fried/Flour 305
Beer, Regular 153
Pomegranate Martini 140

Total Calories Consumed 1,527

No exercise you can see I was out....went shopping in Dayton w/ a friend.....we shared most everything, so this is prob. on the high side of the calorie count....overall I'm feeling pretty good about my consumption for eating both meals out!!

Connie said...

I hope I'm doing this the right way. I'm calc. my calories and tracking on the I really like the way it takes some time, but good overall for tracking.

My weight was 228 today....which is down from yesterday. Today I did not get my water in and w/ eating out I'm guessing my wt. will be back up tomorrow due to water retention.

I'm determined to figure out what I need to do for my body!