Monday, September 28, 2009

WOW!!! My FIRST blog entry EVER!!!

Well, hello to all the peeps out there!  Well, all one of you....but she's pretty special.  Who knows, maybe we will become a big sort of community of accountability snobs!

For anyone that eventually shows up here to see what we do, I am Stephanie.  I have been a Physician Assistant in family practice for 16+ years.  I have battled with my weight since I was in 4th grade.  I have experiences and thoughts and perceptions and beliefs that have been molded by my experiences as an overweight girl/adult.  About 3 years ago, I underwent gastric bypass.  This was an absolute last resort for me when I found myself a 40 year old mother of a very young child.  I couldn't live with the thought of living on the sidelines of my children's lives...I WANTED TO BE IN THE ACTION!  To do this, I took action.  I lost 120 pounds and went from a top weight of 284 to my lowest after surgery weight of 159 (I hit this only once).  Many of you may think that this surgery is cheating or taking the easy way out, let me set you's a tool, a tool that can be misused and can be rendered useless if not respected. 

Working in the career I do and being seen and recognized easily in my small midwest town, I find that I am challanged everyday to be an example how lifestyle change is required to make my tool "work" for me.  My first 5K was soon followed by a 10K, then 2 half marathons, full marathon, and a 160 mile in one day bike ride across the state of Indiana.  I share my  goals and accomplishments with a group of people who continually support me and likewise I support and encourage anyone who wants to take control of their life with support and a challengingly fun rapport.

I created this site because several people have discussed how difficult it is to be accountable only to yourself.  I fail to understand why we (including me)  think so little of ourselves in some aspects to place minimal value on our accountability to  ourselves.  I want to use this place for REAL talk about how we are going to take control of living RIGHT.   NO excuses, NO blame, NO drama....just getting it on with people who want to move out of the place they are and into a healthier lifestyle physically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually (for you girls wondering out there....sexual health falls in there someone too)!

I would like to welcome this site as a place to log daily food and exercise diaries, short and long term goal planning,  and a safe place to drop the roadblocks that sit in our way of getting where we want to go.  I will start posting my own food/exercise log starting tomorrow.  I invite expertise that is helpful and constructive but beg that this not become a place of apathy, excuses, and looking the other way.

Let me know what you think!!!



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