Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Buddy or Not to Buddy

I wasn't really sure what I was going to talk about today...have so many thoughts going through my head and I am hardly proficent in answers to the many things I struggle with.  I worked out last night.  Called my running/workout partner and said it was too cold for me outside (in my defense 10 or below with windchill factor).  We met at the Y and I wanted to calibrate the foot pad on my foreunner (Garmin).  So...I ran a mile by myself (with out friend and without ipod).  However, the indoor 1/10th mile track had many walkers and a few runners so I was nowhere near alone, but alone in my thoughts.  Although i still hate that I sound like a pained panting mutt when I run, maybe I do better running alone.  I find that I like to have my friend with me...but not "with" me.  I like the alone time in my head and I don't like to talk at all when I run.  I do however, need someone to meet me and make sure I get moving.  After calibrating the footpod, I went to the cardiio room and did a 45 min of hill climbing on the bike.  How I miss biking and cannot wait until I get the road bike out again.  This on the other hand, is a much more social activity for me and I find myself actively engaging in my environment and actually making eye contact with others while I do this.  After this I spent 10 in on treadmill walking at a huge incline.  I still feel very awkward on a treadmill without holding on somewhere, even at a 13 elevation at 2.5 MPH.  Finally to finish the workout...I decided to give those elliptical contraptions a try.  I have seen "bigger" girls get on this and make it look like a breeze so it coudn't possible be that hard, right?  WRONG!  5 min had my legs burning so bad they were shaking...This may take some building up to get some serious time on this thing. 

I am working on getting my head together...I am really struggling with this.  Usually this lasts a week or so, but for several months I have really been beating myself up.  The best thing I can think of to do is keep moving and concntrate on where I have come from and where I am going to.  Progressing FORWARD!  Fat girl thinking (PTP) needs to be quieted if not obliterated. is under full usage by me again.  This tool helps keep me in touch with reality intake wise. 

On a lighter note....anyone watching this season's biggest loser?  I don't uaully get into reality shows, but I have gotten into this one.  There are a few people that are really sandbagging on there and it makes me sad for the people that really could use the life changing experience to improve their lives.  Spending a month with Jillian and Bob would probably do a lot for self esteem and neg self talk.  Would love to have a month with them.

Late night of working for me...13 hour day and an early doctors meeting tomorrow morning.  We lost a pup last week in an auto accident and I'm in contact with the lab rescue that we got him from and have a prspect to look at.  She's a 2 year old chocolate lab...2 year old could run with me where as a pup would take 1 year or more to be mature enough to run.  I am hoping hubby is interested in the very cute pics sent to me and we stop and take a peak at her on Friday! 

Feel free to post at will....I love to hear from you all!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Running Night

hmmmm....don't know how the rest of you are doing, but I was on fire for a bit then crashed.  This was for several reasons...hormonal (you girls know what I mean) and ticked off at my husband for 3 days which lead to emotional eating and what I like to call the "martyr" syndrome.  Ick...I hate when I get like that.  Back on track but a bit of the wind knocked out of my sails...Until I saw the money up for grabs (what a total) and after I watch the Biggest Loser last night and had to thank God for my health and blessings.  Those people are kicking butt (with Bob and Jillian of course) and I am whining about how hard of a time I had running last night! 

I just read a post from another blog I read (Phit-N-Phat) and today she posted about "Fat Girl Thinking".  I'ts time to put on the skinny girl (big girl panties) and start beating up this fat girl thinking in my head.  Do any of you struggle with this?  If comments of what you struggle with and what you do or need from us to deal with it. you get in the middle of a workout and your brain is just screaming at your body with negative thoughts of failure or "i can't do this"....if so, how do you get past this?  Post your ideas and experiences.  Trust me....I believe we all have them!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The ever growing "Biggest Loser" competition begins!

All right...I have no idea how many people we have in this grass roots biggest loser like competition but I am excited to tell you all...I INTEND TO WIN THE CASH!!!! 

I have told Diana U. that I would like to open up this blog for all participants to communicate, support each other, friendly competative bashing, tips, problem solving, making run dates, whatever the heck you want to use it for.   Diana is supposed to be getting me a list of participants and their email addys so I can give all permission to post.  Please feel free to use this site. I will monitor for content and appropriateness and delete any posts that are hurtful or that cut people down.  This site is intended as a place to GET REAL with yourself, your health, your relationships and your God.  I personally cannot fathom taking any of these challenges on with out the relationship I have with my God and Savior.

At this point and time...we are (I believe) one week into the "challenge".  I am happy to report a 4.2 pound weight loss.  I have consistantly used to log my calorie intake and my activity log.  This accountability has been really good for me.  I love this site and encourage you all to use it.  I was even able to put in the ingredients to a dish I made tonight and it spit out calorie count and food analysis information.  INCREDIBLE!

I have been doing cardio 2 times per week and trying to do some form of running 3 times per week.  I completed a run at the Y this weekend, an interval run of 8 min run/1 min walk cycles X 6.  This was the second time of this interval (did it earlier in the week also) and felt pretty good...but my breathing SUCKS!  I sound like I am dying!  Even my running partner gets nervous running with me sometimes.  I finally had to get out the ipod so I can't hear myself gasping!  I am hoping that continued efforts will decrease my respiratory problems, continue training....the breathing will come around.   That...and I am using inhalers also.

Plans this year so far....3 half marathons (Flying Pig, Air Force and Indinapolis) and TOSRV bike ride, several century rides, and of course doing the Strawberry Festival with my friend, Nathan.  (gotta start putting this stuff on a calendar to make sure I am not double booking).

I am logging off for now....planning for the upcoming week!
Blessings to all!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ramping up for new GOALS!

Alright, alright, yeah it's been awhile!  I am back on the wagon again and ready to get things moving along for me (and any of you that wanna journey along).  I am using as a food and exercise journal and I LOVE IT!  If you decide to use this free resource and want to "friend" me, my username is sjhouse.  I have several patients using this site and they can communicate with me via that sites messaging system.

3 no particular order for me

1.  20 pounds off by May 1
2.  training and posting a respectable time for the flying pig half marathon
3.  participating in TOSRV 2 day bike ride

There is a  group of beautiful young ladies that are working on this training with me (for the PIG).  It's a 26 week training program - trust me that's a LONG time!  We are just starting the program...timing wise in week 5.  I have training schedule available to anyone that wants to participate OR you can pick up the book I got the program from (ideal for first timers)....It's called "THE COMPLETE 26-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM   MARATHON and HALF MARATHON...THE BEGINNERS GUIDE"  By...Marnie Caron and the Sport medicine council of British Columbia.  It's progressive walk run program...prgresses very slowly to prevent injury and burnout.  I plan to run every Tuesday (Natalie is in Dance from 645-815) and Thurs...and long run on Sat or Sunday.  My die hard running partner, Shawna and I are getting geared up for outside winter running. if this wasn't enough.  Our bike club is doing indoor cycling rides on Tues and Thurs and Saturday mornings on inside trainers.  I will be doing my "off" running days on by bike trainaer at my house. 

Weight this AM....not too good, but I am coming off Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I have said over and over, this website is NOT for excuse making.  185 this AM.  160-165 goal for May 1.  Anyone else want to share goals?  need motivation?  need help? 

I can allow up to 400 people co author this blog site.  If you would like to be an "active contributer"  let me know...I will put you on as a co author.

Write again soon!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainy Day Friday

Yesterday did the cardio class at the Y, it was less than stellar tonight.  The leader (usually kicks my butt) was not on her game and wasn't as challenging as usual.  This is probably for the best as the knee is still recovering from last weekend's run.  It's still feeling very tight and pivoting really pulls the medial tendon.  I have been babying it for this week, hope it heals enough for me to keep up some level of running.  I enjoy my new running partner too and don't want to let her down.

I do have to confess that I am a bit frustrated at the last several days of weights as I really have been behaving, I even boosted up the calories.  Now granted, I haven't been exercising much this week, but I have been diligent and honest about the food diary.  I am hoping maybe the problem is just one really large gastric bypass BM that will push me over the brink.  This would at least be a little rewarding...those RNY friends should relate to that!

( are going to have to show me how to pretty cut and paste from the calorie count site.  I don't like how it transfers into here) I will post weight on Sunday....trying not to get hung up on the day to day changes.

Double date tomorrow night...dinner and a movie.  Seeing the "Informant" I believe.  I know nothing about the movie so don't know what to expect.  Dinner will be at Texas Roadhouse in honor of my friend's birthday.  I am kind of looking forward to a night of not saying "No" all night to one of the kids.  We haven't had a date night in forever!! 

I have invited several people struggling with weight issues here and introduced them to the calorie count site.  If any of you have ventured here, I hope you enjoy posts and participate with your own struggles and questions.  Welcome!

More this weekend....

cut and paste

Fat - 18.4% (27 grams)

Protein - 25.1% (81 grams)

Carbohydrates - 40.8% (132 grams)

Alcohol - 0%

Other - 15.7%

Daily Sodium Intake - 1,137 mg

Daily Sugar Intake - 49 grams

Daily Cholesterol Intake - 129 mg

Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 11 grams

Daily Fiber Intake - 8 grams

Nutrition Grade

Date Calories Grams Fat Carbs Protein Grade

2009-10-09 1,297 1,121 27 132 81 A-

Bananas A 101 90

Bagels, Toasted B 50 144

Beef, Ground, 90% Lean Meat / 10% Fat, Patty - Cooked, Broiled B- 128 278

Macaroni and Cheese - one dish favorites C 280 290

Grapes A 24 16

Cucumber - With Peel, Raw A 301 45

Sunshine Cheez-It Original D+ 11 59


Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt - Vanilla 226 166


protein drink 210

Total Calories Consumed 1,297

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here is my report since the first of Oct. I have added a few more calories, started out around closer to 1400-1500. Still losing......feeling very good about my to journal my food and activities and it gives me the following report!

Nutrition Report

Help with this page

Fat - 25.5% (307 grams)
Protein - 24.3% (658 grams)
Carbohydrates - 29.8% (807 grams)
Alcohol - 0% (14 grams)
Other - 19.5%

Daily Calorie Intake - 1,547 cals
Daily Sodium Intake - 2,116 mg
Daily Sugar Intake - 29 grams
Daily Cholesterol Intake - 231 mg
Daily Saturated Fat Intake - 14 grams
Daily Fiber Intake - 17 grams
Nutrition Grade