Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Running Night

hmmmm....don't know how the rest of you are doing, but I was on fire for a bit then crashed.  This was for several reasons...hormonal (you girls know what I mean) and ticked off at my husband for 3 days which lead to emotional eating and what I like to call the "martyr" syndrome.  Ick...I hate when I get like that.  Back on track but a bit of the wind knocked out of my sails...Until I saw the money up for grabs (what a total) and after I watch the Biggest Loser last night and had to thank God for my health and blessings.  Those people are kicking butt (with Bob and Jillian of course) and I am whining about how hard of a time I had running last night! 

I just read a post from another blog I read (Phit-N-Phat) and today she posted about "Fat Girl Thinking".  I'ts time to put on the skinny girl (big girl panties) and start beating up this fat girl thinking in my head.  Do any of you struggle with this?  If comments of what you struggle with and what you do or need from us to deal with it. you get in the middle of a workout and your brain is just screaming at your body with negative thoughts of failure or "i can't do this"....if so, how do you get past this?  Post your ideas and experiences.  Trust me....I believe we all have them!



Shelley Miller said...

I totally get the FAT GIRL syndrome! I swam this morning and then really didn't want to go to spinning class afterwards. It is a different class and I don't have my usuall support system beside me. I really wanted to NOT GO! But I thought about the $575 and since I AM GOING TO WIN :P I thought, NO get your butt moving! As I walked into class I had it in my head to just get through it, not work the class just get through it! Then as the other class memebers started to trickle in and I realized I was the "Big Girl" in the class I thought to myself, You Know What, YOU CAN DO THIS!! I sucked it up and I stuck it to all those twigs in there! I walked out of there with thes "Twigs" looking at me and I know they were thinking, She Kicked my BUTT today! and YES I DID! There is no more empowering moment for me when the BIG GIRL beats the TWIGS! So for all of you out there struggling with that BIG GIRL syndrome, remember YOU CAN DO IT! and you can do it every bit as good, even BETTER than the TWIGS that are out there!

Corinne said...

I tell you how I get through those workouts: I find the song on my Ipod that totally motivates to push like a maniac. It varies but this helps a lot.

I have also been in a workout where I felt so bad about myself that I wanted to quit. Then I think about my son (he's autistic and awesome) and I remember HE CAN NEVER QUIT in therapy and such. He's got a tougher road than I will ever have just getting over myself and FGT in the gym.

Not trying to bring it down or ask for a pity party but I honestly think if you know someone who is really struggling it makes FGT seem silly when it pops up. Helps me ALL THE TIME.

Thanks for reading my blog! Keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

I had this issue today in the 1st 2 miles of my run - thinking, oh I can walk a little when I get to 2 miles, totally compromising what I am capable of. At 2 miles, I thought, how about 1/2 mile more, then I thought ok, let's get to 3 miles. At 3 miles, I thought, you're so close, only 23 more minutes. My legs felt better by then and my mental attitude improved. That self-defeating voice always creeps in, but I hate to lose to it. I cut my workouts into much smaller pieces so I can digest them better. And I love it when skiiny people are shocked at the distances I can go....Goooooo Shelley! Love your comment!