Sunday, January 10, 2010

The ever growing "Biggest Loser" competition begins!

All right...I have no idea how many people we have in this grass roots biggest loser like competition but I am excited to tell you all...I INTEND TO WIN THE CASH!!!! 

I have told Diana U. that I would like to open up this blog for all participants to communicate, support each other, friendly competative bashing, tips, problem solving, making run dates, whatever the heck you want to use it for.   Diana is supposed to be getting me a list of participants and their email addys so I can give all permission to post.  Please feel free to use this site. I will monitor for content and appropriateness and delete any posts that are hurtful or that cut people down.  This site is intended as a place to GET REAL with yourself, your health, your relationships and your God.  I personally cannot fathom taking any of these challenges on with out the relationship I have with my God and Savior.

At this point and time...we are (I believe) one week into the "challenge".  I am happy to report a 4.2 pound weight loss.  I have consistantly used to log my calorie intake and my activity log.  This accountability has been really good for me.  I love this site and encourage you all to use it.  I was even able to put in the ingredients to a dish I made tonight and it spit out calorie count and food analysis information.  INCREDIBLE!

I have been doing cardio 2 times per week and trying to do some form of running 3 times per week.  I completed a run at the Y this weekend, an interval run of 8 min run/1 min walk cycles X 6.  This was the second time of this interval (did it earlier in the week also) and felt pretty good...but my breathing SUCKS!  I sound like I am dying!  Even my running partner gets nervous running with me sometimes.  I finally had to get out the ipod so I can't hear myself gasping!  I am hoping that continued efforts will decrease my respiratory problems, continue training....the breathing will come around.   That...and I am using inhalers also.

Plans this year so far....3 half marathons (Flying Pig, Air Force and Indinapolis) and TOSRV bike ride, several century rides, and of course doing the Strawberry Festival with my friend, Nathan.  (gotta start putting this stuff on a calendar to make sure I am not double booking).

I am logging off for now....planning for the upcoming week!
Blessings to all!



Anonymous said...

Hey, lady! I'll have the listing of the participants in the challenge to you later tonight. I have most of the email addresses, I think.

I've lost 3 - in spite of the WDW trip, so things are going well. Lots of weight loss being reported. Next week is the first weigh-in that will show loss. Here we go!

Diana U.

Shelley Miller said...

Just want you to know that you are in for a fight! Nothing motivates me to win than $$