Friday, October 2, 2009

Calm before the storm??

I am at work today and it's been a very odd Friday.  Lots of cancellations and big holes in everyone's schedule.  Is it possible that this is the calm before the big influenza storm?  It's very odd to be slow in October as by this time the viruses are happy in the schools and department stores infesting runny noses and multiplying on dirty hands.  I did get my flu shot yesterday and today am suffering from a sore arm...thank goodness no cardio class today.  She likes to work the arms and I would definately whine if pushed today!

I did however have cadio class at the Y last night.  It was OK....the leader was just a bit off (from caffeine cessation she stated) and it wasn't as good as it usually is.  I will give her this...she love to work on inner thighs and abs!  My thighs and abs protest her every Wednesday and Friday morning.  After class, went to one of gal pal's house to have some chili she was yummy!  Gassy today but yummy last night!  She too is keeping count and calculated calories for the soup, 244 cals for a very healthy portion!

Ooooh....just got a call that my new glasses are in.  I am going from nothing to BIFOCALS!!!  How does this happen?  I will post pictures....hope they don't look too geeky!  Alright, work beckons!  More later...


Connie said...

Fri, Oct 02 2009
AdvantEdge Carb Control 100
Half And Half 30

Ranch Dressing 77
Cobb Salad grilled Chicken 280
Muffins, Oat Bran 178

Chicken and Veg Frozen Pizza 330
Beef, Ground, 95% Lean Meat 164
Rolls, Hamburger 78

Popcorn, Oil-popped 128
Carb Control Strawberry yogurt 90


Connie said...

I used the calc. you provided.....

I calculated out to 2,091.