Wednesday, October 7, 2009

calorie count dot com

Hi everyone!  It's been an interesting several days since I posted.  Got a few things to cover...

1.  B.B.  Thank you very much for your input.  I am aware of all the elite sport measurements, but never considered myself hard core enough to get tested to any of these measurements "officially".  However, you have piqued my interest in looking further into this and I'm going to track down the leads you presented and post back in what develops.  I think my buddy Connie will be interested in this also.  I hope you continue to participate and drop in my blog here.  I really appreciate it....truly!

2.  Saturday I did a 9 mile run with my friend Shawna.  We are "training" for a half marathon on 10/17 in Indianapolis.  I have to say it was way hard for me...walk/ran the entire mileage.  The last 2 1/2 miles were painful...we stopped to potty and get water, it was chilly out and the legs just cramped up.  Hard to believe a year ago i could do 17 straight without walking...BUT that was then and this is now!  I have had to take it easy since Saturday because the old knee has been protesting.  Feels pretty good today, so I may try a short run today.  I believe my marathon days are over, but 1/2 marathons, 10K and 5K would still provide the fitness level I would like to maintain. 

3.  I followed Connie's lead about this site and it's very very good!  I quite like it better than fit day.  It's entirely free and provides alot more tools and options to work online and in your own community of friends there.  There is even a free application that you can a text message sent to your phone with calorie count on anything on their HUGE database.  So....go get a FF Latte at starbucks and no fear, type in info and you will get an IMMEDIATE response back from the site.  It's really fun!

4.  The bifocals....very interesting getting used to these.  They are starting to grow on me but taking some adjusting.  I will take it as a compliment that I was called a "sexy nerd".   They help me more than I expected and even though not a really strong prescription, things look sharper and seem to "pop" in my vision.  Kind of cool but I'm not sure I am enjoying this getting older stuff.

5.  We have started attending a church closer to out home that I have really been enjoying.  Right now working through a very easy to read book called  "God Questions" .  It addresses the Christian view to major and minor questions.  (is the bible real, do all roads lead to heaven, was Jesus real,  ect)  The way it's presented and talked about has really spoken to me and I am finding that I am getting plugged in spiritually again and I like that feeling.  As one of our posting contributors has talked about being in balance, the  inner peace that comes with spiritual growth has been neglected my me for awhile as I have been focusing so much on physical and diet priorities.  The beating myself up seems to still or quiet when I allow this aspect to grow also.  Does anyone else have thoughts or experiences that agree or disagree with that?

As I said above, I like the calorie count site to log my ins and outs (yes, it does exercise and physical activity calculations there) and will log my details for counts there post my totals here.  If anyone here wants to make me their friend on that site, I think I used the user name sjhouse. 

Any challenges coming up?  Any struggles brewing?  Any praises or pats on the back needed?

Connie....terrific job last week.  Just mindfully knowing what you are and aren't doing empowers you.  Keep it up!  Thanks for the coffee on Monday, my treat next time!

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Anonymous said...

BB in the house...
Sounds like a great week so far. Good luck, I'll be checking in from time to time and hope to see your progress.
Remember to Be Balanced.

BB out!!